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Rec Center, Pool Surveys Move Forward

ONTARIO — The topic of the Ontario Aquatic Center has elicited responses of frustration from community and City Council members since its closure in September 2013.

Since then, the Ontario City Council has tried to find ways to reopen the pool, but a lack of money, specifically in the area of a contingency fund, for repairs has left the aquatic center closed.

It isn’t the only local group exploring options. A week ago, Four Rivers Healthy Community released a survey seeking community input on a recreation center project. The organization says it met with a community action team in Ontario as part of the Ford Family Foundation’s community-based change program.

“We think we can get funding for a recreation center, but not really just a pool,” said Barb Higinbotham, board chairwoman of Four Rivers Healthy Community.

According to the organization, the survey will listen to 1,000 community residents before closing. Executive director Casey Clark Ney said the organization has already collected 560 responses. Of those, an overwhelming amount of people stated they are in favor of building a recreation center.

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