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Councilor: Argus jumped the gun with Sunday’s pool opinion

Letter to the Editor - Argus Observer

The editorial in Sunday’s paper also left me scratching my head. You stated that the “Recreation Center” would be built at the current Ontario Aquatic site. Really, that was not mentioned by Ms. Ney in her presentation at the Council meeting. But then Mr. Dillon is on the board of the Four Rivers Healthy Community, so he probably has more insight regarding their plans that have not been shared with the Council.

In typical fashion, the Argus has jumped the gun again. The last meeting I attended with Ms. Ney was on May 13th, where we discussed a pool renovation with not only Ms. Ney, but Ken Hart, Norm Crume, Betsy Roberts the City Engineer, and Mayor Ron Verini. There was no discussion of a “Recreation Center” as part of that conversation. So, that is why I was flabbergasted when Ms. Ney presented the “Recreation Center” concept. I am not saying that this is not a good project for the community, but it was never part of our conversation.

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