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Our Members


Peter Lawson, Southwest Oregon Food Bank

Kelly Poe, Malheur Education Service District

Michelle McKay, Fruitland resident

Joe Recla, Four Rivers Health Care

John Dillon, Argus Observer

Chris Kodama, Care-O-Sell Consignment

Christy Moreales, New Plymouth Elementary School

Tova Woyciechowicz, Oregon Rural Action

Sarah Bradbury, Silver Signet

Wendy Hill, Oregon Department of Human Services

Liz Amason, Payette HomeTown Competitiveness

Bonnie Ney, Fruitland resident

Taylor Keller, New Plymouth student

Cathy Yasuda, TVCC Foundation

David Armstrong, Love INC

Judy Cordiniez, Lifways Behavioral Health

Liz Amason, Payette HomeTown Competitveness

David Armstrong, Love INC

Leanna Bentz, Saint Alphonsus Medical Center

Judy Cordeniz, Lifeways, Inc

Loni Debban, Malheur Council on Aging & Community Services

John Dillon, Argus Observer / Wick Communications

Angie Gerrard, Malheur County Health Dept

Megan Gomeza, Lifeways, Inc

Ken Hart, Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario

Barb Higinbotham, Community in Action

Wendy Hill, Oregon Department of Human Services



Ron Verini, Veteran Advocates of Ore-Ida / Ontario Mayor

Cathy Yasuda, TVCC Foundation

Chris Kodama, Care O Sell Consignment

James Ney, New Plymouth Community Member

Taylor Keller, New Plymouth Student

Bonnie Ney, Retired - Fruitland

Sarah Bradbury, Silver Signet

Kit Kamo, Snake River Economic Development Alliance

Tova Woyciechowicz, Oregon Rural Action

Jim Moiser, Four Rivers Community Garden

Sarah Poe, Heart & Home Hospice 

Jesus Sandoval, Lifeways

Taylor Duncan, Ontario High School Student

Sidney Hernandez, Ontario High School Student

Peter Lawson, Oregon Food Bank - SE OR Svcs

Francis McLean, Four Rivers Cultural Center

Ray Millar, Lifeways, Inc

Jane Padgett, DHS

Kelly Poe, Malheur ESD

Joe Recla, Four Rivers Health Care

Angie Uptmor, Community in Action

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