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HomeTown Competitiveness


In 2013 the Cultivate Idaho Initiative was brought to Payette County by a group of citizens representing various sectors of the community. This was a 10-month community assessment that focused on finding sustainable solutions to building food security in our community. After several months of community assessments and interviews, an event called Cultivate: A Place at the Table was held at the Payette County Fairgrounds. This event brought together community members in order to teach them about the Cultivate Idaho Initiative as well as to spur discussion on food security issues in Payette County.


During the Cultivate: A Place at the Table event presenters spoke on three main focus areas: Strengthening Local Food Systems, Regulations & the Food Modernization Act, and Building County-Wide Community & Communication. During the following breakout workshops, citizens discussed key issues of their specific focus area. They then brainstormed new ideas to address and potentially reverse these issues. Out of the Building County-Wide Community & Communication group came the vision to develop better communication among the three Payette County towns, as well as a vision for youth development in the county. To reach these goals, community members agreed that one of the most pressing next steps would be to develop a county-wide youth council.


4RHC is a proud partner and fiscal sponsor of the Payette County Youth Advisory Council. To learn more about the goals of the council CLICK HERE.

HomeTown Competitiveness


​HomeTown Competitiveness started in 2002 with a simple goal: Help rural communities build upon the assets they already have.


The founders of the program knew that rural communities already have everything they need to be successful. 10 years after its inception, the benefits of HTC can be seen across Nebraska as small communities are attracting new residents and becoming competitive in the global economy.


HTC’s community development strategy focuses on four pillars:  

  • Developing Local Leadership

  • Increasing Community Philanthropy

  • Energizing Entrepreneurs

  • Engaging Youth 


By building local assets, HTC rekindles residents’ belief in the future of their hometown, leading them to locally driven strategies that bear promise for long-term sustainability in their communities.


Collective Impact occurs when organizations from different sectors agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success. There are currently two, active collective impact initiatives in the Western Treasure Valley - Cradle to Career and Malheur County Poverty to Prosperity


As part of the HomeTown Competitiveness Philanthropy Pillar, 4RHC is committed to researching and facilitating the inception of a community foundation that will serve the Western Treasure Valley. As of December 2014 new bylaws for 4RHC have been drafted by Yturri Rose LLP. These bylaws allow for an internal structure that makes Four Rivers Community Foundation a reality. In 2015 4RHC will launch the "Better Together" fundraising campaign. Funds from the campaign will be used to seed Four Rivers Community Foundation. 


4RHC is committed to investing in the Four Rivers Community Garden thru monetary donations in 2013 and 2014. The garden's mission is to grow and nurture a garden space for individuals, families and organizations in a community setting. The Community Garden, created in 2008, was the first Ford Institute Leadership Program project in the Ontario area.



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