Emerging Leaders Summit 2018

Four Rivers Healthy Community is proud to present Justin Gray and Patrick Skeesuck at the 6th Annual Treasure Valley Emerging Leaders Summit. These two friends from Ontario, who are now internationally recognized, will share their inspiring story of traveling the famous Camino de Santiago where Justin pushed Patrick across the mountains and rough terrain of Northern Spain. This event is for all high school and college (age) students. As always there will be plenty of free Dutch Bros, music, prizes (including scholarships) and MORE!

"In spite of the many challenges of life, we all are capable of achieving great things and fulfilling our dreams.

Justin and Patrick cultivate an understanding with audiences about what it means to lead, what it means to follow, and what it means to be human.

Using humor, heartfelt storytelling, and their incredible 500-mile journey through Spain, Justin and Patrick inspire people to move beyond the limitations they believe they possess and engage each person in a conversation about how we all can achieve more, together."

*Source: Forbes 2013, Huffington Post 2013


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